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Maximize your sales across multiple online marketplaces by using eVanik's Automated One-Click Inventory Management Software and get the freedom from manual updation.

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Centrally Automate your Inventory on all Channels

Inventory Management Software is Free Forever on eVanik OneWorld Suite

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Focus on your growth and hit profits through the roof.

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    Centrally manage your inventory for multiple ecommerce channels.

    Maximize sales across all channels by our auto inventory sync tool.

    Great News! The inventory management Software is free forever for 100 products and that helps you to maximize your sales opportunity through common inventory.

    We work on the principal of robust algorithms at the backend but simple and intuitive interface to our users.

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    Sync your E-Commerce Sales and Payments with Tally ERP9

    It's the truth. All your ecommerce sales, returns, payments and marketplace costs will get automatically integrated with Tally ERP9 or Zoho Books.

    And that too without any external module installation without any upload or download of spreadsheets without creating any ledgers or product masters or anything at all in your accounting software.

    Just open your new company in Tally and press the one-click sync button on eVanik OWS.

  3. Try Salesla to manage your pricing strategy.

    See competitions' jaw dropping stare at you.

    Grow your sales on or Flipkart using our pricing intelligence. Know what to sell and at what price to sell. Optimise revenue and profits. And sip tea like a boss.

    You’ll stop wasting time on manual price tracking so you can focus more on increasing sales, and hit business through the roof.

Your E-Commerce MarketPlace Assistant 24x7

Payment Reconciliation

Just integrate your channels with eVanik OneWorld Suite and let us do the rest. Get your payments reconciled with 99% accuracy.

Returns Management

Keep a strong control on all your returns initiated by channels vs what you receive physically and in what condition.

Integrated Accounting

Complete your sales activities, see detailed contact and company records, and view communication history in one place.

Automatic Repricer

Set your pricing bottom and high just for once and always get the winning Buy Now box for your products with no manual effort.

Price Tracking

Let Salesla do the hardwork for you in terms of tracking what products to sell and at what price. Sip tea like a boss.

Report Generator

Just one button will let you explore and download unlimited combinations of reports which you need for your decision making.

Visual Dashboards

Subscribe to our Add-On: the powerful and intuitive visual dashboards which are always connected with yourdata.

Inventory Management

Centrally manage and optimize your inventory across all your multiple ecommerce channels and keep growing your sales.

Grow your Business and Let us do the Hard Work

eVanik's single point agenda is to help you focus on your ecommerce business growth.

Inventory Management is free forever for your entire team, for upto 100 products.