Install the Chrome Extension

eVanik's Tally integration works on the advanced technology of Chrome Extension based sync. Hence, there is no requirement of any 3rd Party Module installation in your Tally. ERP9


Install Here


Setup your GST Rates in OWS

Setup your GST Tax group wise rates in your eVanik OWS panel. Remember to select the applicable States for IGST vs. CGST and SGST as applicable to get the perfect GSTR Reports.


Setup GST Rates


Start Syncing Data

Select the data which you want to export to Tally from the Drop-Down and let eVanik do the rest for you. All ledgers, products, tax groups will get created automatically within seconds.


Start Syncing

Quick tips after you Login...

Setup my HSN

Download the inventory mapping file and update the HSN in the column "HSN Code".

Download from Here

Map my Ledgers

Map your existing Ledgers in Tally so that the data falls into those without creating new ones.

Map Ledgers

Map my Products

Map your existing Products in Tally so that the data falls into those without creating new ones.

Map Products

Tip 1

The Company created in your Tally. ERP9 should get displayed in the Tally Company Drop Down menu before you start the Tally Sync from eVanik OWS to your Tally ERP9.

Tip 2

The installation of Chrome Extension is mandatory on the computer where Tally. ERP9 is installed. Without this, the connection between eVanik OWS and Tally. ERP9 cannot get established.

Tip 3

eVanik OWS sync with Tally. ERP9 will only work on licensed subscriptions of eVanik OWS and licensed software of Tally. ERP9

“It's not about just making a module to push data from one system to another. It's about understanding how complex businesses works in different environments and mapping them intelligently together. That's what eVanik OWS Tally Integration does for us”